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Yoga has existed for thousands of years and it was primarily designed to facilitate the understanding and control of the mind. To ancient yogis, the body was seen as a vehicle to the soul and meditation was the key to getting there.

However to sit in meditation for long periods of time, the body must be free of tension and flexible enough to sit without discomfort, and the mind must be quiet and able to concentrate.

Hatha yoga is a way of strengthening and purifying the body, bringing the body, breath, and mind back to balance, and create the right conditions to experience higher levels of meditation. Some people may describe this feeling as oneness, connection, or contentment.

Today it is widely practiced because of its health and relaxation benefits. As well as the physical benefits of improving flexibility, strength, and muscle tone, hatha yoga helps to manage stress and anxiety.

It is a way of restoring balance in life, something more and more people are looking for as they try and cope with the conflicts of modern life.

For me, I love how it builds strength and creates space in my body. The discipline of breathing more effectively and meditation has helped me develop self-awareness, to be calmer and more conscious in my responses…to life!

   i'm bonnie

I teach yoga to beginners, pregnant and postnatal women, adapting the practice to individual’s needs and ability. 

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Bonnie’s directions are clear, individualised, and focused.  The class is small giving one a sense of personalisation.  She is very observant, correcting poses in the most sympathetic of ways whilst encouraging you to go that little bit deeper. The relaxation at the end of class is well earnt & always welcome!
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I've tried a few yoga classes over the years, but never really took to it or enjoyed it, but from the first class with Bonnie, I loved it. You work hard but also so relaxing, and I genuinely feel better all round. Highly recommend!
2 / 6
Bonnie's Yoga Class is like no other and I've been to many. The perfect combination of movement, stretch and relaxation. Her worldly experience in a stressful corporate environment means she can connect and relate to typical life challenges including burn out, anxiety and stress induced symptoms.
3 / 6
Bonnie is truly an amazing Yoga Teacher, she puts you at ease straight away, and no matter what stage you are at, she manages to improve your capability week by week. Her eyes are on everyone, and comes and corrects your movements/posture with such kindness. Can’t wait for my next session!
4 / 6
Bonnie is a great teacher with a true passion for what she does. She's knowledgable, encouraging and inspiring and has helped me enormously on my yoga journey. I love her classes, they are always well planned and clearly demonstrated and explained. I have never felt stronger and more in tune with my mind and body, thanks to Bonnie's guidance. I highly recommend her classes.
5 / 6
Bonnie is a amazing yoga teacher. One of the best I have ever experienced. Bonnie’s method and patience in helping beginners as well as experienced is phenomenal. Anyone looking to start their yoga journey or even those with experience, will benefit so much from classes with Bonnie.
6 / 6